Spring socks!

I am so excited for spring!! I can’t with the snow anymore so, a few weeks ago, I knitted some cute spring socks. 

What really got me into this project was the yarn. When I was at Club Tissus, I saw a yarn called Bamboo pop sock. This yarn is really nice since it is 55% Bamboo, 37% Coton, 8% PBT which is just perfect for the warmer weather. I also really like the colours of this yarn. I chose the colour called “wildflowers” and I really like the self striping design. 

For the design of this sock, I wanted something really simple but I also wanted to try a new technic for the top border. I made a picot edge (I followed this video). For the pattern, I used Custom socks pattern from Biscotte Yarns

Here are the details:

I am really happy how they turned out!

I used:

Here are the photos:

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