About Me

Who am I?

My passions are sewing, knitting and macramé. I really enjoy all types of crafts and I love sharing my creations here on the blog ! I started sewing in 2017 and it was “just to see if I liked it” now I am completely addicted to sewing. I started knitting very young and knitting has always been part of my life. Then in 2019 I found a book about macrame at the library and fell in love with this craft. I am the creator and author of La Magie du Fil since 2018. Follow my Instagram account to see what I have been making ! @clamagiedufil

  • About the blog


    – I started the blog to share some tutorials and then I started sharing my makes.

  • 2019

    – New design on the blog. 

    – New challenge to post every week. Since then every Wednesday their is a new post on the blog.

    – In 2019, the blog received more then 6 000 views and 1 500 visitors. 46 blog post we’re posted.

  • 2020

    – Created a Instagram account @clamagiedufil

    – During the summer I start a collaboration with Jalie

    – In 2020, the blog received more then 17k views and 5,400 visitors for 59 blog posts posted.

  • 2021

    – The blog is now available in English!