I sewed a lace bralette

Hello! Today, I want to share one of my recent projects: a lace bralette!

This wasn’t the first time I sewed underwear but it was the first time all in lace! In the past, I have sewn jersey bras, a sports bra and also panties.

The hardest part was finding a lace that I liked that also had elastics, straps elastics and a thiner lace in the same colour!!! But, in the end, I found this blue lace and even found a 6mm elastic strap, which is really rare! I was really happy since I always find the straps too wide for the support I need.

The interior is fully lined and finished with elastics. I really like the look of the lace with the fabric underneath.

This bralette is inspired by a Uniqlo bralette I have that I really like. I just simply retraced the pattern from the bralette and tried to figure out how to assemble it 🙂

I used:

  • 6mm wide bra straps
  • 6 inch wide lace 
  • A thiner lace trim for the band
  • 6mm wide regular elastic
  • Bamboo jersey for the lining
  • Thread

All of the materials are from Club tissus!

Here are the photos:

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