I knitted a bucket bag! The Honey Bucket bag

Are you looking for a small project for spring that you can bring around with you? Well, I have the perfect project: The Honey Bucket bag by Petite Knit! Recently, I finished this bag and I am obsessed with it, this is a small enough project to cary around but, at the same time, the stitch is a lot of fun! On top of this, it is really useful at the end, I use it to carry my small knitting projects.

Last summer, I started to be addicted with everything that Petite Knit does, it’s just so nice! So, in while, I had online school in January, I was looking for a small project to knit in between classes…. actually, I am not going to lie, I was looking for something to knit during class :). The Honey Bucket bag had everything I wanted: a cool stitch, and at the same time, something small. On top of that, it combines two things that I love: sewing and knitting. So, I immediately started knitting this bag up. 

After, I realized that I messed up the stitch a few centimetres down, so I undid a few rows but then I did not have the energy to put all the stitches back on the needles. So, I left it aside for a while and decided that I will come back to it later. I did come back to it, at the beginning of March break, and then I really liked this project again so I finished it very quickly. Then, I did the lining and made a lot of adjustments because the bag was smaller than the pattern. 

Overall, the pattern is pretty easy to follow, I liked it because some parts are a little harder like doing the drawstring casing and I was able to learn a new technic. Again, the pattern has some videos for the hard steps they are in a language that I do not understand (maybe danish?) but it is still really nice to see in video what you have to do.

What I like the most in this pattern are the small details like the way the lining is placed to make it look good with the knitting, the i-cord cords and the double knitted top. 

Here are the details:

The pattern has 2 sizes and I made the biggest size. Although like I said before it is a lot smaller than what it is supposed to be because my gauge was off.

I used:

Here are the pictures:

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