Dyeing yarn for the first time!

About 2 years ago, I dyed some fabric for the first time and since then, I have been wanting to do some dyeing again but this time with yarn. So, last weekend, when the weather was nice, I decided to dye some wool. Today, I want to show you how I did it!

First, I had to find some wool that was undyed and with as little treatment as possible. I looked online and decided that the best option was to go to my local yarn store. So, I went to Biscotte Yarns and bought their bis sock yarn in the colour natural (so it is not dyed yet). I have already used their yarn and I love it because it is so soft.

Then, I needed some dye, I still had some Rit Dye left over from 2 years ago, so I used that but I also wanted another colour, I wanted a lot of colour variation so I put 2 different dyes: emerald and denim blue.

Here is a video:

To have lots of different colours in the wool, I put the wool in a bucket and I poured the dye into the wool and made sure not to mix the dye around too much.

I watched a lot of videos before actually dying the yarn and it helped a lot. I am really happy with this yarn! it was really fun to do and  I love all the colours. I can’t wait to knit something with it!

I used:

I made a little swatch and, honestly, the yarn is even nicer when knitted!

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