Sewing the Victor swim shorts

The past few years, I have sewed myself different swimsuits and I love it. Last year, while I was looking at swimsuits patterns, I found a swimsuit pattern but for boys. My brother had been telling me for some time that he wanted me to make him a bathing suit. So I kept the pattern in mind until spring when I decided I was going to sew this swimsuit for my brother.

I used 2 Jalie patterns to make this swimsuit since he wanted a t-shirt with his swim shorts. I used the Victor pattern which is a swimsuit pattern for boys and the Nico pattern which is a normal t-shirt pattern also for boys. The patterns are available from 2 years old to adult sizes. I love Jalie patterns because both of the pattern fit great and the instructions are very clear. For the shorts there is even a video tutoriel to follow along.

After talking a bit about the swimsuit, we went to Club Tissus to buy the fabrics and he found a dark gray swimsuit nylon and a swimsuit lycra with colourful triangles. He also chose a green rope to give colour to the gray shorts. The fabrics are going well together and my brother loves his new swimsuit!

Here are the details:

I made size O for the shorts and size N for the top, my brother is 10 years old. I did not make any pockets on the shorts because my brother thought they were not necessary and instead of using a net for the lining, I used a regular swimsuit lining because it is a lot softer than the nets we were able to find. 

I used:

Here are the photos:

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