Making a zipped pouch with fabric scraps!

For Christmas, I made my Mom a little zipped pouch with scrap fabrics and I love how it turned out!

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a video by Cool Stitches about how she used her scraps and I love what she did. She cut out little pieces of fabrics and then placed some tulle on top and sewed lines to sew everything together and it looks so good! You can see her Instagram video and her Youtube video.

The steps:

To start this project, I chose 2 fabrics that I liked and cut out little pieces. After, I placed them nicely and ironed. Finally, I put the tulle on top and sewed everything together. I decided to sew the lines a little bit wavy for the look. I recommend watching her Youtube video because she explains well in detail how to make this.

Once I had made the new fabric, I sewed a little zip pouch with a really nice gold metal zipper I had.

I used:

Here are the photos:

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