Sewing insulated mittens!

Hello! Today, I am back and I would like to show you a recent sewing project I finished: mittens!

A few weeks ago, Jalie released new sewing patterns and one really got my eye, the Mimi mittens. This is a pattern to sew insulated mittens and I decided to try to sew them with only fabric scraps that I had.

The pattern is really good, there is 17 different sizes so that you can make mittens for everyone and the instructions are easy to follow and there is also a instructions video if you prefer. Sewing these mittens is not the easiest project but it’s a fun little challenge and the result is awesome in my opinion!

For the outside layer, I used scrap fabric from my softshell jacket. It’s a bit thicker than the nylon type fabric the pattern recommends but it still works out nicely and it is the perfect project to use nylon of softshell scraps since you don’t need too much fabric and the pieces are pretty small. 

I had so much fun sewing these gloves and they are actually pretty warm!

Here are the details:

I made the size Adult A-XS and it fits well!

I used:

  • Mimi mittens pattern by Jalie
  • Fabric scraps from my softshell jacket for the exterior fabric
  • Fleece for the lining 
  • Rib knit for the cuff
  • Elastics

Here are the photos:

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