My first quilt made out of scrap fabrics!

Today, I am super exited to share my first quilt that I completely made out of fabric scraps. It has been a while that I wanted to make a quilt and the past week or so Club Tissus, had what they call “La semaine de la courtepointe.” (The quilting week) and it really inspired me to make my first quilt!

I wanted to make this first quilt with only fabric scraps so it took a lot of time for me to find the right combination of fabrics. I really had no idea what colour pallet I wanted to go with. So I decided to look up colour pallets online and looked at the ones that seemed appealing to me and then see if I had similar fabrics. This was a little bit tricky but after awhile I had 5 different colour pallets that i liked and so I picked one and made sure that I had enough of each fabric. Finally, I chose this blue and coral combination and it reminds me of the sea.

I, then, started cutting my fabrics, it took a long time but because the pieces were so small but it was quite relaxing too. I chose to do Club Tissus second quilt tutorial and it is really good. The instructions are clear and there is a sew along video (in french). The whole tutorial is free. 

Overall, I really liked doing this quilt, it was very relaxing and so fun.

Here are the details:

Once I was done with my quilt, I did not know what to do with it but, finally, I made a bag. I am really happy with how my bag turned out, it is really big and perfect for my sewing classes. I did not make any modification on the quilt itself but I did change the way the handles are attached. Instead of sewing them on top of the fabric I sandwiched them with the seam on top.

I used:

Here are the pictures:

Last week, on my instagram, I shared a reel about this quilt, you can see it here!

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