Sewing a snap sleeper for babies

Today, I am so excited to share some cute baby clothes that I made for family and friends. I am really happy how they turned out!

Last year, I really wanted to sew something for my little cousin and my neighbour who is pregnant but I had no idea what to sew. I thought that sewing a t-shirt would be too basic and too easy to sew so I started looking for baby patterns. Finally, I found myself on the Low Land Kids website and I found a one-piece pyjama pattern that was just perfect!

The pattern offers many sizes from premature to 5 years old. The instructions are clear and I really like the design with the buttons from the collar to the foot, this is very practical for babies. The pattern includes different versions, with or without tabs, collar or fold-over finish or with a border… anyways, there are plenty of choices!

I chose a Poppy fabrics since there are so many nice prints for babies in this collection. I found 2 very cute fabrics, one with little rainbows in pastel colours and another with little forest animals in blue. I really like the Poppy collection since all the fabrics are Oeko-tex and some are organic, which is great for children.

Here are the details:

I made a size 0-3 month old and a size 9-12 month old. For the small one, I decided to make the little paws.

I used:

Here are the pictures:

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