Knitted rib socks 2 at a time

Today, I am very happy to share with you some new socks I made! I always wanted to make rib socks since I really like the look of 2×2 rib, so, this year, I decided to knit a pair!

I knitted these socks toes up with a short row heel. I also knitted the socks 2 at a time since I hate knitting the second sock. I made a full blog post about knitting sock 2 at a time, you can read it here. For the pattern I used Custom socks pattern from Biscotte Yarns but you can use whatever basic sock pattern and just knit the top section of the socks in rib.

For the yarn, I used “Socks Camel”by Katia. I really like this yarn, it is pretty soft and doesn’t pill too much. It is 55% wool, 25% Nylon et 20% Camel wool. When I saw this yarn, I thought it was so cool and I was really interested in Camel yarn! There are different colours and they are all really nice and neutral.

You can knit your socks using the cuff to toes method or the toes to cuff method. I used the toes to cuff method. At the beginning, it is a bit tricky but I found a very helpful video that you can watch HERE

I used:

Here are the pictures:

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