Knitting 2 at a time socks!

This week, on the blog, I wanted to share 2 at a time socks that I made this spring! This was the first time I tried knitting my socks 2 at a time, I like to make socks but what I don’t like is to make the second sock so I decided it would be nice to make them 2 at a time. Here is what I think of this method:

At first, I was really scared to start this project but, finally, it is not that hard, you just have to take your time at the beginning. I really enjoy this way of knitting but there are a few pros and cons.

This is a picture in progress!



  • You don’t have to make 2 socks one after another
  • The socks are identical 
  • You don’t have to remember what you did


  • Takes longer
  • Your yarns can get tangle very easily

You can knit your socks using the cuff to toes method or the toes to cuff method. I used the toes to cuff method. At the beginning, it is a bit tricky but I found a very helpful video that you can watch HERE

Overall, I am super happy with how these socks turned out. I really like the colour and they are so comfortable.

Here are the details:

I used:

Here are the pictures:

I hope this blog post makes you want to knit socks! More knitting blog post coming soon!!

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