I made a Jean jacket! 

Today, I am super excited to show you my jean jacket! Over the summer, I made a jean jacket, it is a very long process but I really enjoy the process.

At the beginning of the summer, I was looking for a challenging project to do over the summer, at first, I wanted to make a pair of jeans. The problem was that I never wear jeans and I did not find a pattern that would fit me. So I decided to give up on the jean idea, but a few days later, I was on Jalie’s website and saw a very old jean jacket sewing pattern! I immediately wanted to make a jean jacket!

Making this jacket was so much fun, it was challenging and super relaxing to sew because I would sew a bit every time and I had to be precise with the top stitching. I love to make everything perfect and so, in this project, I took my time. In total, I spent 20 hours to make this jacket. This includes assembling the PDF, tracing the patterns, cutting the fabric…

The pattern that I used is the Jalie 2320. The pattern is quite old but it is still awesome and like always, there are sizes for girls and women.

Here are the details:

I made size Q, it is one size bigger than my actual size but I am happy it is quite big like this, I will be able to wear it for a very long time. 😁

For this jacket I used:

Here are the pictures:

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